In January 2020 we began to activate an area for mining north of Galestown Road to support our existing aggregate production and to primarily serve local customers. This project is helping us continue our investment and hiring in Richmond County.

The site has been owned by Vulcan since the early 1990’s and is fully permitted as part of our state mining permit. It is comprised of about 68.3 acres in a triangle-shaped area north of Galestown Road and west of Lassiter Road by the power lines. The North Site is designed and operated to meet or exceed all state and federal requirements and regulations. We mine granite from the site, process it with portable equipment and load customer trucks. The site is screened from Galestown Road and by existing vegetation and landscaped berms that are being planted with grasses, long leaf and Virginia Pines to improve visual and noise buffering. 


North Site at a glance

  • 68.3 total acres (approx.)
  • 36.1 acre mined area (approx.)
  • 32.2 acre non-mined area (approx.)

Key features

  • Landscaped berms
  • Decorative entrance and gates
  • Paved customer and employee entrance 
  • Comprehensive dust control plan 
  • Erosion and sediment control plan 
  • Seismograph monitoring

How is the North Site used?

We mine and process granite on the North Site to primarily support construction and building projects. Our existing operations to the south, including the mining pit, production plant, rail loading and customer gate remain in operation. Today, the North Site supports our local product sales. 

The North Site is buffered and screened from Galestown Road by earthen berms of 16-20 feet in height. Customer trucks and employees use a paved, gated entrance on the west side of the site.


Equipment and vehicles use the equipment gate that will enable our equipment to safely cross between the North Site and our property on the south side of Galestown Road.


Rock is drilled and safely blasted in the mining area. A wheel loader transports the rock to the portable plant area consisting of a primary and secondary crusher and two screens.


An excavator feeds the rock into the portable plant for processing to customer specifications. A wheel loader stockpiles finished product and loads customer trucks which are weighed and ticketed before exiting. A site-based water truck and plant mounted water sprays are used for dust control. Mobile equipment operating on the site utilize low-noise safety back-up alarms to control sound while keeping workers safe.


Shipping hours via customer trucks typically run 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Production hours, or mining activity, are generally 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday with some equipment maintenance taking place in the after-hours. From time-to-time, shipping hours could vary to supply specialty and emergency jobs. 

Safe Blasting

We continue to use safe and controlled blasting techniques. The Rockingham seismic monitoring network covers the north site. All blasting is monitored through an independent third party. Vulcan will meet or do better than the state safety limits for ground vibration and air blast overpressure which are designed to protect people and structures on and off the quarry property. 

A typical blast lasts less than half of a second and will take place on weekdays during daytime hours. We mine material based on market demand. Based on our current projections, we anticipate about 10 – 30 controlled blasts per year on the North Site. Click here for the latest blasting information update.

As we have for years, we continue to hold traffic on Galestown Road at a safe distance during blasting activities. Neighbors can sign up to receive Pre-Blast Notifications by contacting our Community Line.


  • Vulcan has made improvements to Galestown Road to provide access to the site. Improvements include construction of guard rails and pavement replacement. 


Construction and mining equipment, including off-road haul trucks, transport material from the North Site across Galestown Road to the south. Crossing vehicles also include a water truck and other equipment. The crossing plan has been coordinated with NCDOT, Richmond County, emergency services, law enforcement and the schools. 

All crossing personnel and vehicles will adhere to a NCDOT-reviewed crossing safety plan: 

  • The equipment gate and entrance were designed and located to ensure a safe line of sight for both Galestown Road drivers and crossing equipment operators. 
  • Advance warning signs will alert drivers on Galestown Road of the crossing.
  • The equipment crossing will be maintained as a two-way stop. 
  • ALL crossing equipment will come to a complete stop and ensure that it is safe to cross. 
  • Customer trucks will NOT use the equipment gate. 
  • The equipment gate will be locked when not in use.