January 25, 2021

Dear Neighbors,

In January 2020, we started a dialogue about plans for Rockingham Quarry including the North Site and the Extension which is generally located northeast of the power lines and north of Galestown Road adjacent to our operation. Then in September, Richmond County rezoned the Extension as part of a county-wide initiative. And in November, we shared conceptual plans for the Extension.

Based on neighbor feedback we received throughout last year, in December we completed and submitted a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) application with the County. In addition to our long-standing commitments and regulatory requirements, we agreed to:

  • Remove approximately 5.4 acres on Tillman and Lassiter from the CUP application and site plan so that the property cannot be used for mining.
  • Set aside approximately 1.5 acres at Mary Evans Road as an additional buffer, bringing the total non-rock extraction and buffer area to more than 61 acres, or 28% of the whole property.
  • Work with individual neighbors on screening and will explore the construction of vegetated earthen berms within the buffer area as feasible and in accordance with County ordinance.
  • Outfit mobile equipment operating on the Extension with low-sound safety back-up alarms to help control sound as long as their use is permitted by U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA).
  • Go beyond State requirements by extending Vulcan’s seismic monitoring network in advance of mining on the Extension.
  • Extend its pre-blast neighbor notification program to those wishing to be notified in advance of a blast and it will continue to report its blasting activity on the Quarry website.

The CUP application outlines the details and requirements for the eventual use of the property, which we plan to activate only after all the approvals from the County and State have been received. Today, we anticipate mining activity could begin on the North Site Extension no sooner than two to four years from now. So, what is next?

The County issued public notice for the project, announcing a February 9, 2021 public hearing before the Board of Adjustment. We encourage you to read the Application Narrative which outlines the project and answers the questions we have received.

We are interested in your feedback. If you have any questions about the application, please call our Community Line at (980) 296-1919 or email VulcanRockinghamQuarryCommunity@vmcmail.com.

We remain committed to conducting business in a way that is mutually responsive to the community, our operations and Richmond County.


Matthew Medlin
Plant Manager
Vulcan Materials Company ‐ Rockingham Quarry