Rockingham Quarry North


Vulcan Materials Company is committed to continuing to invest in Richmond County and operating Rockingham Quarry in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. Rockingham Quarry North consists of the North Site and the North Site Extension. The North Site is permitted as part of the Rockingham Quarry which has been in operation since 1969.

  Rockingham Quarry at a glance

  • Existing mining operations: 970 acres
  • North Site: Approx. 68 acres 
  • North Site Extension: Approx. 218 acres

North Site 

In January 2020, we began to activate the North Site to help us continue our investment and hiring in Richmond County. The North Site was designed and is operated to meet or exceed state and federal environmental, safety and public health requirements and regulations, which safeguard our employees, neighbors the community and environment.




North Site at a glance

  • 47% non-mining area (32 acres)
  • 53% mining area (36 acres)
  • 68 total acres (approx.)

Key features

  • Landscaped berms
  • Decorative entrance and gates
  • Paved customer and employee entrance
  • Comprehensive dust control plan
  • Erosion and sediment control plan
  • Seismograph monitoring

As part of the project, we made improvements along Galestown Road including new pavement, guardrails, berms and landscaping. We also constructed a local customer entrance and equipment crossing to connect with the South Site where we process and ship most of our finished aggregate product via rail cars. 

North Site Extension 

The North Site Extension comprises approximately 218 acres adjacent to the North Site and generally located northeast of the power lines and north of Galestown Road. In September 2020, Richmond County rezoned the Vulcan Materials Company “SOS Timber” property as part of a county-wide initiative. We plan to eventually activate the extension only after all approvals from the County and State have been received. 

  North Site Extension at a glance

  • Approximately 212 acres of the Extension will eventually continue the North Site to the east
  • Approx. 106-acre future mining operations west of Lassiter Road
  • Approx. 105-acre future mining operations east of Lassiter Road
  • A 150 foot buffer will border neighboring properties
  • Primary access through existing Galestown Road gates 
  • Proposed access through the existing maintenance gate areas on Lassiter Road

The permitting and approval process

  • Vulcan is seeking a County Conditional Use Permit (CUP) to eventually use the “SOS Timber” property as an extension of the North Site. 
  • The CUP outlines details and requirements for the use of the property. 
  • After the CUP, Vulcan will file an application with the State to add the North Site Extension to our existing mining permit, which sets operational standards that safeguard our employees, neighbors and the community. 
  • Neighbors will be notified as required by the state process and given the opportunity for public comment. 
  • Vulcan will continue to keep our neighbors informed. 

We anticipate mining activity could begin on the North Site Extension no sooner than two to four years from now.

How the North Site will be used

The North Site Extension is designed to be in harmony with the area, which has been home to responsible mining for more than 50 years.

  • Approximately 212 acres of the extension will eventually continue the North Site to the east.
  • We will use the existing Galestown Road gates for primary access to the extension.  
  • A 150-foot buffer will border neighboring properties. 
  • Proposed access through the existing maintenance gate areas on Lassiter Road. 

We are committed to working with you and our neighbors to design plans that are mutually responsive to the community, our operations and Richmond County. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us.